Department of AdditIonal Sources of Energy, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

Sr. No. Officers's Name Designation Contact No. Work Distribution Emil-ID
1 Bhupesh Mittal Senior Project Officer-I 9415609012 1.Solar Power Pack in Lohiya Awas-2015-16
2.Solar Power Pack in Janshwar Misra-2015-16
3.Machua Awas,
2 V.K. Tiwari Senior Project Officer-II 9415609017 1.Solar Power Pack,
2.Minigrid Solar Power Plant,
3.Solar RO Water,
4.Incharge Computer & Store.
3 S.P. Srivastava Senior Project Officer-II 9415609007 1.Planning,
2.Budget Plan,
4.Monthly Meetings,
5.Mukhya Mantri Sandarbh,
6.Lok Sabha,
7.Vidhan Sabha Sandarbh,
8.Solar City,
9.Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna,
10.Incharge Bhawan.
4 G.K. Verma Senior Project Officer-II 9415609009 1.Citizen Charter
2.Training Centre
5 M.A. Chisti Khan Senior Project Officer-II 9415609094 1.BRGF,
3.Solar Thermal,
4.Ashram Padhati Vidhyalaya,
5.Urja Complex, Solar Fencing.
6 Namrata Kalra Senior Project Officer-II 9415609019 1.Solar Policy,
2.Grid Connected Solar Power Plant,
3.Rooftop Solar Power Plant,
4.Bundelkhand Package,
5.Climate Changing Work.
7 Ashok Kumar Srivastava Senior Project Officer-II 9415609008 1.Energy Conservation,
2.DSM work in Projects,
3.Externally Added Projects,
4.Public Information,
5.AREAS (Association  of Renewable Energy Agency of States),
6.Incharge Publicity, Press Conference
8 Atul Shankar Srivastava Senior Project Officer-II 9415609015 1.Solar PV Pump,
2.Solar Lantern,
3.01 KW Power Plant,
4.REC Work,
5.APFC and
6.Clean School & Green School.
9 Harinam Singh Senior Project Officer-II 9415609006 1.Solar Street Light(Project Mode),
2.Solar Street Light in Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Samagra Gram Yojna
3.Janeshwar Misra,
4.High Mast,
5.Solar Light Program,
6.BADP and
7.Eye Sparsh Smart Yojna.
10 Ram Kumar-II Project Officer 9415609018 1.CHC/PHC Solar Power Plant,
3.Smart City,
4.Solar Home Light under Labor Dept.,
5.Micro Hydel,
6.Wind Energy,
7.ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code).
11 Ajai Kumar-I Project Officer 9415609005 1.Incharge Administration,
4.Demo Van and
5.Chulha Program
12 Sunita Computer Programmer, Grade-I 9415609079 Computer Division
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