Department of AdditIonal Sources of Energy, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

School Compaign

Energy Conservation Via School Campaign

Why this School Campaign Required:

Being indispensable for the growth of our nation, the electricity has become the life line for the existence of human race. The existing infrastructure of power could not accomplish demand supply gap in today’s scenario. Since India is a growing nation and majority of our population is in younger age group, by focusing on this we shall be able to make huge impact in much shorter time.


To reduce demand of energy in the state of Uttar Pradesh by motivating & incentivizing Schools, Students as well as their parent/guardians with the active participation of school management through the analysis of monthly energy score cards. This will happen by adopting efficient energy conservation equipment and inculcate healthy energy usage behavior by practicing with those equipments.


  • To reduce demand of energy in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • To motivate schools to adopt energy conservation equipment and practices.
  • To educate children and in turn their parents/guardians on energy conservation.
  • To inculcate healthy energy usage behaviour which is sustainable.
  • To contribute to decrease in environmental pollution; like emission of green house gases by adopting healthy behavior.
  • To generate awareness in general public and consumers of different categories through this project.


The following schematic presentation shall explain the methodology:

Result/Desired outcome:

  • Households well get added in this campaigns which will after support to increase avoided capacity.
  • This will help the households and school management to reduce their electricity bills.
  • UPPCL to cater to rise in existing demand without cutting down on revenue with the existing infrastructure as the decreased demand shall be compensated by the addition of new connection.
  • Awareness generation and inculcating healthy behavior.
  • Schools will be motivated to go for star rated building.