Department of AdditIonal Sources of Energy, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

Solar Thermal

1. Solar Cookers (Box Type)

Solar cooker uses only sunlight for cooking food. This plant is pollution free. Facility of electrical backup is available when sunlight is not available. Currently sale/distribution of plant is being done in market mode through different suppliers /renewable energy shops/project offices of the agency.. By the Government of India 30 percent of the capital cost of the plant or at rate of Rs. 3600 per square meter area whichever is less, grant is admissible. Currently granted / non granted 59 358 solar cookers have been distributed.

2. Dish Type / Steam Cooking Plant

Beneficiaries are being provided with dish solar cooker under the program through Channel Partners approved by the Government of India in market/grant mode. A grant of 30 percent or at the rate of Rs. 2100 per square meter area, whichever is less, is permissible by the Government of India. Currently 1156 plants have been distributed.

A total number of 06 Steam Cookers of 16 square meter collector area (96 square meter collector area) has been set up concentrating Solar Cookers M/s. Rama Industries Pilkuaan, Hapur to cook for 500 people.

3. Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are such equipments to provide hot water, which convert the sun's energy to heat energy which is used to heat water. It saves electrical energy. Solar water heaters are available with flat plate collector and evacuated tubes.

From October 1, 2014 permissible grant will be made available by the Government of India through IREDA.

From beginning to March 2013 plants of 2654885 liters capacity have been installed. In fiscal year 2013-14, solar water heaters plants with a total of 177400 liters capacity for domestic and industrial use have been installed.