अतिरिक्त ऊर्जा स्रोत विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश

उत्तर प्रदेश नवीन एवं नवीकरणीय ऊर्जा विकास अभिकरण

काम वितरण

Sr.No. Officers's Name Designation Contact No. Work Distribution Emil-ID
1 V.K. Tiwari Senior Project Officer-I 9415609017
  1. Solar Power Pack
  2. Minigrid Solar Power Plant
  3. Solar RO Water
  4. Incharge Computer
  5. Solar Charging Station
  6. Micro Financing
  7. Electrification of Villages
  8. Electrification work of Naxal Area
2 S.P. Srivastava Senior Project Officer-I 9415609007
  1. In-Charge Chinhat Traning Centre and Mau and Kannauj Training Work Also
  2. Planning Work
3 G.K. Verma Senior Project Officer-II 9415609009
  1. Citizen Charter
  2. Solar Lalten, Solar Home Light under Labor Dept., Micro Hydel
4 M.A. Chisti Khan Senior Project Officer-II 9415609094
  1. Budget Plan
  2. Monitoring
  3. Legislative Assembly and Legislative Assembly Context and Legal Function
  4. BRGF
  5. NTPC
  6. SADP Solar Thermal
  7. Machua Awas
  8. In-Charge Store
  9. In-Charge Bhawan
  10. Solar Power Pack in Lohiya Awas-2015-16
  11. Solar Power Pack in Janshwar Misra-2015-16
5 Namrata Kalra Senior Project Officer-II 9415609019
  1. Solar Policy
  2. Grid Connected Solar Power Plant
  3. 24x7 (Power for all ) Related Work
  4. RPO, Kusum Yojna Component-A
6 Ashok Kumar Srivastava Senior Project Officer-II 9415609008
  1. Energy Conservation
  2. DSM work in Projects
  3. Externally Added Projects
  4. Public Information
  5. Incharge Publicity, Press Conference
  6. AREAS (Association of Renewable Energy Agency of States)
7 S.D. Dubey Senior Project Officer-II 9415609012 Incharge- IGRS, R.I.C, Wind Energy and Smart City Work ho_sdd@rediffmail.com
8 Harinam Singh Senior Project Officer-II 9415609006
  1. Solar Street Light
  2. High Mast
  3. Incharge Administration
  4. Vehicle, Telephone and Protocal Work
9 Ram Kumar Project Officer 9415609018
  1. DDG
  2. ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code)
  3. Kusum Yojna Component-C
10 Ajai Kumar-I Senior Project Officer-II 9415609005
  1. Solar Rooftop
  2. Bio-Power Work
11 Rakesh Agarwal Senior Project Officer-II 9415609016
  1. Solar Pumps
12 Shri Ram-I Project Officer 9415609005
  1. Off Grid Power Plant , RVI Power Pack, Saubhagya Yojna ,Clean School Green School realated works and APFC work
13 Subhash Yadav Project Officer Solar Fencing, Traning Centre work, Jan Suchna work, Akshay Urja Shop, Power Complex , BADP and I- aparsh Smart village yojna related work
14 Sunita Mahajan Computer Programmer, Grade-I 9415609079 Computer Division ho_sun@rediffmail.com