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Welcome to Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency

Energy demand has been increasing steadily along with the development of the state. In view of limited conventional energy sources and their limited exploitation and increasing environmental pollution production of energy based on new and renewable energy sources and is being given high priority and promotion. New and greater chances are becoming apparent to participate in the mainstream of energy production. Along-with biomass and small hydro-electricity the ways are being paved for the establishment of major projects based on MW solar energy. Work in the State is being carried out towards grid connected Solar Power Generation and rooftop power generation. Undoubtedly, now we are moving towards the goal which was envisaged at the time of formation of the agency.

In April 1983 Uttar Pradesh Government created Non- Conventional Energy Development Agency(NEDA) under the department of additional energy sources as an autonomous institution. The institute has been renamed as "Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA)". From the beginning, the agency is also functioning as nodal agency for implementation of various schemes in the state.

Efforts are being made to develop the capacity in renewable energy sources such as solar energy, small-scale hydro electricity and biomass-based electricity production in the state. Various capacity solar power plants are being installed for electricity generation from solar energy. Biomass-based co-generation in the state sugar mills and rice husk based-electricity generation projects are being encouraged. In addition to this, small-scale hydro electric projects are being implemented in collaboration with private entrepreneurs.