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Wind Energy Program

Wind Energy Program

Wind energy stands at first place/position among different sources of electricity generation through renewable energy. In our country at present total installed generation capacity is 35700 MW of which wind energy contributes about 68 percent.

National Institute of Wind Energy,GoI has expressed the possibility of power generation through wind energy at 50 meters and 80 meters with generation capacity of 138 MW and 1260 MW respectively. Wind force keeps on increasing simultaneously with the increase in height from the ground. Thus power generation also increases with increase in height.

Survey and Wind Resource Assessment Of Programme

For installation of Electricity generation projects through wind energy first of all assessment of wind force and Wind Power Density (WPD) is done for duration of 1-2 years. This process is known as Wind Resource Assessment. Figures of wind force and WPD recorded in one year at certain height (50m, 80m, 100m,120m) are taken for installation of wind mast at any place. As above if at any place wind force of 4 m/s and WPD of 200 W/m^2 are recorded then wind energy program is said to be feasible and also it is appropriate for commercial power generation.

Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) by National Wind Energy Institute has been done to identify the wind energy programs in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. The districts where wind resource assessment has been done at 50 m height are-Lalitpur, Mirzapur, Raebareli, Farrukhabad, Agra, Etawah, Badaun, Jhansi and Sonebhadra.As above districts where wind resource assessment has been done at 80 m height are:-Gonda, Balrampur, Siddharthnagar, Shahjahanpur and Lakhimpur. Details of survey conducted in concerned districts for wind force, site condition etc. is as follows:-